Tinder story: Dunedin secret love-making record manufacturer jailed for six several years

Tinder story: Dunedin secret love-making record manufacturer jailed for six several years

A Dunedin boyfriend along with his target coordinated to the dating app Tinder in mid-May just the previous year. Photos / 123RF

A Dunedin boyfriend exactly who used a secret love-making tape to force a Tinder fit into several hours of depravity has been jailed for six a long time.

Damien Lindsay Paisley is responsible after a week-long panel sample on Dunedin area courtroom in May any time his identity inhibition would be eventually removed.

He had been found guilty of three expense of erotic make with consent stimulated by risks, certainly tried erectile violation and another of producing an intimate artistic recording.

The victim review a statement today, detail how trial have devastated them lifetime.


“I experienced a pleased, outward bound characteristics nevertheless, you been able to transform that,” she stated.

“I was withdrawn, creating nightmares reliving everything you did in my opinion.”

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She must give up certainly one of the girl projects from post-traumatic concerns disease and just about destroyed this lady home, defaulting on mortgage payments.

Have it maybe not become for the financial support of parents, the girl believed, she may not have handled.

She received a note for Paisley.

“a person managed me personally just like you purchased myself so I had been truth be told there for your own private erotic pleasure. I was naive in believing I got fulfilled a person who had been a bit peculiar,” believed the victim.

“Damian, you’ll need some assistance.”

Paisley and victim matched up about matchmaking app Tinder in mid-May this past year and fulfilled for a coffee after communicating online


Their interactions easily got close which resulted in videos contact during which each party took part in erectile functions.

Unbeknown to your lady, Paisley got put an app on their cellphone to covertly report the swap.

During the subsequent times the pair talked in addition to the person got not sure whether or not the boy ended up being joking about obtaining video footage of these personal exchange.

Paisley said he would get rid of the movie if she involved his own house.

The accused was as well smart to commit the risks to creating, as an alternative coercing and “badgering” the victim during clip messages, she informed the court at demo.

On 29, with apparent reluctance, the lady decided to check out him.


She stressed she was just travelling to find out Paisley to take a movie, but he’d additional tips.

Across the causing many hours he or she repeatedly raised the life regarding the video to thrust this model into singing love works for him.

“She had been squirming and preventing and mentioning ‘no’,” assess Kevin Phillips said.

The prey defined a particular episode where in fact the boy pressured her into a degrading place while he watched a Hollywood celebrity on tv.

“Either he’s reckoned a lot about that or he’s carried this out in the past . It actually was like a game,” she instructed the judge.

Defence advise Anne Stevens QC claimed this model buyer got “quite unhappy” and that his alcoholic beverages problem will make an imprisonment expression tough.


She established there were immense difficulties for the target and distressed the customer received manufactured a formal apology for making the film.

Evaluate Phillips, though, noted Paisley’s statements to Probation about the target was a liar and also the claims were bogus.

“you used to be not computing within annoying against this lady? I would suggest that . that you were,” he said.

Paisley received serious dishonesty and substance costs among his criminal record but little of an erectile type.

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