Aferfi plays a part in constant growth of technological expertise associated with the Portuguese fabric sector worldwide

Aferfi plays a part in constant growth of technological expertise associated with the Portuguese fabric sector worldwide

A. Ferreira & Filhos, S. A.


Established in 1980 A. Ferreira & Filhos, SA (AFF) was a family possessed company expert in knitted items.

Research, Development & Inovation

Aferfi plays a part in constant growth of technical expertise in the Portuguese textile market global.

CEP – Clothing Venture

TOWER Venture


The Goods

Latest Development

The R&Dwe division of A. Ferreira age Filhos e proud to show its most recent product related to E-Textiles.

This developing had been addressed various other guides however, it is always a satisfaction when a development moves to an item range with these types of easy and well-fitting details.

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From 06/12/2017 A. Ferreira & Filhos belongs to COTEC’s system of innovative SMEs. This difference is actually caused by the outcome of creativity meters posted through the Innovation Scoring means. The official statement was developed past from the Calouste Gulbenkian basis in Lisbon in the SME development satisfying marketed by COTEC-BPI.

Within event, the winners with the Born From expertise and SME Innovation Awards were established. This difference was received with big pleasure in our journey and with the guarantee of continuing this work at differentiation together with generation of new understanding.

The fabric industry is thriving and fast growing. This development try to some extent as a result of the sector’s ability to make competitive options for any other technical areas, where aspects about development, engineering and tech produce new advancements and new techniques.

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The proper aim for the AFF is always to bolster the internationalization with a special consider Wedoble brand items for involvement in fairs into the market, companies objectives for prospecting and advertising in shows, online and internet marketing, etc. being achieve and/or consolidate the career in target areas.

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Physical violence and personal uncertainty throughout the last few years in Europe is an important framework for discussion in which immediate desires for intervention are crucial. In 53 countries included in the European Delegation around the globe Heh company (Just who) this subject is definitely a hot topic.

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Textiles that are able to heat up aren’t novelty, yet their unique generation optimization can bring a number of competitive characteristics with regards to cost, times consumption, models and malleability. The employment of the related aggressive features of Weft knitting technology permits to optimize manufacturing levels of E-Textiles.

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On such basis as its performance may be the needle individual activation generating a communicating between needles in addition to their particular needle-bed effective at creating patterns, aesthetic effects (bi or three-dimensional) along with other fascinating functional properties.The desire for Technical fabrics is growing rapidly combined with the developing / generation / availability of technical material and yarns most abundant in varied functions and properties.

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Auxetic products have actually a negative Poisson’s coefficient. This leads to these ingredients, whenever removed (traction), to grow their cross-section. In non-auxetic behavior, this point decreases.This remarkable conduct boost the effect opposition of the ingredients, for they boost a quick fuel dissipation in their design.

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Weft knitting confirm alone become a multipurpose creation technique regarding constitution, internal structural architecture and multi-functionality options. Their unique Needle-to-needle activation, enables achieving good quality textiles, remarkable aesthetics standards and some other higher effect qualities.

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Antonio Ferreira & Filhos (AFF) wishes Wedoble to cultivate 50percent each year until 2019, the season in which it needs to market 200,000 pieces of its make of child garments.

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A.Ferreira & Filhos, S.A. got the protagonist of this program “E bem feito” of Porto channel, which highlights firms that emit with quality in Portugal.

We have not too long ago posted in regards to the “crossbreed Tower” plan, that AFF made an important share. The architectural construction ended up being on tv series during 2016 model of Contextile – Biennial of Contemporary fabric ways in Guimaraes until October 2016. Today the project gets compliments through the prestigious style increase digital mag.

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